I do Deep Tissue and Cranio-Sacral work. Both stem from Osteopathy. The Cranio-Sacral work is a very light, very slow form of treatment. It concentrates on the Cranio-Sacral flow, which comes from a fluid which pumps through the brain and spinal column. It feeds and keeps in balance the entire Central Nervous System. Which simply put, any stress, or emotional and physical pain one is experiencing has much to do with the balance and flow of this fluid, how well it is flowing, blockages etc.
Cranio-Sacral work is extreemly effective for all forms of head, ear, jaw, "problems" tinitus, or ringing of the ears, migranes and headaches, and nerve issues such as spinal cord-disk slippages and injuries wherein one suffers nerve pain. Cranio-Sacral helps all forms of stress and for travelers jet lag is simply gone after such a treatment. All in all it is extreemly relaxing, sending one into a sleep like state, the same state as one experiences while dreaming.

The second form I concentrate on is Deep Tissue work. Deep Tissue work is also very slow and yet very deep. Not to scare some people, the reason it is so slow is that Deep Tissue work sinks into the muscle tissue at the rate that the musces themselves allow, thereby, it is intense at times but rarely painful. Deep Tissue functions in two primary ways, one being it works on releaseing the myofacial tissue. Not to get too complicated, this tissue is what holds the muscles into place and allows them to glide and function with each other. When one muscle has a injury or blockage to this tissue it become brittle and non flowing, causing the muscle to chronically contract...thus those constantly tight schoulders that nothing seems to help.

When ín a contracted state nothing but deep and direct pressure will release this tissue. When one muscle group is affected by this chronic tightening, it unfortunately causes the surrounding muscles to have to function differently, soon causeing them also to chronically seize...and so on, and so on.
Deep Tissue releases these deep holding patterns.

The second aspect of Deep Tissue work is trigger point therapy, which is an aspect of this chronic holding. Within the muscle forms small kernels of contracted tissue, which very simply put then cause the mucle to contract, which then causes the myofacial tissue to chronically hold, which then causes the muscles not to function properly, which in the end simply means to most of us...owwww I have pain.......!!!!!

Deep Tissue work is extreemely effective for any chronic problems, chronic muscle tension or pain, joint issues, etc. It works very well on scar tissue and immobility issues. Secondary responses are relaxation and not just for that eavening but long lasting. In simple words it means you are soft like butter after a massage with longer lasting results..intense work but welllll worth it!

Although extreemely relaxing and very wonderful, this is not a classic
"wellness-nicey-nicey-oil-rubdown-fall-asleep-massage" I love those as well, but this is not that..it has all those elements but it is more therapeutic in its intent, longer lasting in its results. And more specific and focused in its practice. A typical massage with me is one and a half hours. The cost is
60-80 euros.